Athanasios Alexiou

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Considering the latest researches, disruptions in the regulation of mitochondrial dynamics, low energy production, increased reactive oxygen species and mtDNA damage are relevant to human diseases, mainly in neurogenerative diseases and cancer. This article represents inner mitochondrial membrane as a natural superconductor giving also the corresponding(More)
In this chapter we present Excess Entropy Production for human aging system as the sum of their respective subsystems and electrophysiological status. Additionally, we support the hypothesis of human brain and central neural system quantumness and we strongly suggest the theoretical and philosophical status of human brain as one of the unknown natural Dirac(More)
In our days there is no single test or biomarker that can predict whether a particular person will develop Parkinson Disease and a definitive diagnosis is only possible after death, with postmortem analysis. Recent discoveries have highlighted that defects in mitochondrial dynamics are associated with neurodegenerative disease. In this paper the general(More)
A permutation-based algorithm is introduced for the representation of closed RNA secondary structures. It is an efficient 'loopless' algorithm, which generates the permutations on base-pairs of 'k-noncrossing' setting partitions. The proposed algorithm reduces the computational complexity of known similar techniques in O(n), using minimal change ordering(More)
In general RNA prediction problem includes genetic mapping, physical mapping and structure prediction. The ultimate goal of structure prediction is to obtain the three dimensional structure of bimolecules through computation. The key concept for solving the above mentioned problem is the appropriate representation of the biological structures. Even though,(More)