Athanasia Pouloudi

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Stakeholder analysis has become popular in the management literature, since the 1980s but is usually accompanied by debate about its use and scope. Later on, the view that the consideration of various types of stakeholders is beneficiary for organisations has been borrowed by the information systems literature where it was realised that successful(More)
Privacy is a relational and relative concept that has been defined in a variety of ways. In this paper we offer a systematic discussion of potentially different notions of privacy. We conclude that privacy as the freedom or immunity from the judgement of others is an extremely useful concept to develop ways in which to understand privacy claims and(More)
AbstrAct E-learning as a scientific field is in an era of transition. In the last decade, several scientific fields worked as reference disciplines for the promotion of the value delivery that new technologies offered to learning. In this paper, we will emphasize the role of knowledge management as a reference theory for e-learning.
Information systems research is concerned with complex imbroglios of human and non-human components. As researchers, we need ways to represent the intricacies of the different stakeholders in such situations. Traditionally, it is assumed that representing the views of human stakeholders is relatively unproblematic, but that doing this for non-humans is far(More)
This paper examines how the use of mobile phones influences the temporal boundaries that people enact in order to regulate and coordinate their work and non-work activities. We investigate both the structural and interpretive aspects of socio-temporal order, so as to gain a fuller appreciation of the changes induced by the use of mobile phones. With(More)
Electronic commerce has been introduced to the business community at a very fast pace. The Internet's ease of use in particular resulted to a rapid growth of electronic transactions in a spontaneous manner. Governments worldwide are anxious to control this new means and have to balance between international cooperation and care for specific national needs.(More)