Athanasia Polychronopoulou

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Accurate estimation of what a day in a hospital costs and what the hospital charges is of high interest to many parties, including health care providers, medical insurance companies, health researchers, and uninsured patients. The problem is complex, as the cost-to-charge ratio varies greatly from hospital to hospital and over time. In addition, the(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Living donor kidney transplantation, the treatment of choice for ESRD, is underused by women and blacks. To better understand sex differences in the context of potential barriers to living donor kidney transplantation, the Dialysis Patient Transplant Questionnaire was administered in two urban, predominantly black hemodialysis(More)
Three malachite green dyes, Merck's concentrated for microscopy and bacteriology (old), Merck's malachite green oxalate (oxal), and Difco's malachite green, were used for preparation of 3 batches of Rappaport's medium. These media were tested for growth of 40 Salmonella serotypes and for inhibition of competing organisms. All Rappaport's media behaved(More)
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