Athanasia Panousopoulou

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— An integrated system for a power-aware robotic-centric exploratory lunar mission is the subject of this article. The robots communicate with a base station with a flexible protocol that can automatically change its attributes from multi to single hopping strategies according to the QoS of the entire network. The Base Station is responsible for the(More)
—Over the last years significant efforts have been made to prevent and/or minimize exposure to a wide range of environmental risks (e.g. air pollution and nutrition) that adverse health effects especially among vulnerable populations including pregnant women. Towards this direction, mHealth approaches can provide the means for remotely capturing the(More)
Human Activity Recognition (HAR) currently confronts the challenge of interpreting massive data streams to a significantly smaller number of activities. Thus, feature selection should be treated as an inseparable aspect of the HAR chain. In this work we perform an integrated study on feature selection, considering: (a) the generation of an expanded HAR(More)
Recent advances in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) have revolutionized water management in urban areas. Nevertheless, literature reports minor progress in introducing CPS-based systems at industrial water treatment plants, responsible for water purification. Such environments would greatly benefit by adopting CPS technologies in general, and Wireless Sensor(More)