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Sixteen patients with xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis (XGP) are reported. The preoperative diagnosis of XGP may be difficult because of its clinical and radiological similarities to various other renal lesions, but in four patients XGP was suspected pre-operatively. Nephrectomy is necessary in most patients, although medical treatment may help a few.
OBJECTIVES To assess the efficacy of incision and venous patch grafting method in the surgical treatment of the curvature in Peyronie's disease. METHODS Fifty-eight patients with Peyronie's disease underwent incision of the tunica albuginea with Peyronie's plaque(s) and venous patch grafting between 1994 and 1999. Segment(s) of lower saphenous vein in 48,(More)
Use of thiamphenicol for the treatment of uncomplicated gonococcal urethritis was evaluated in 96 cases occurring between 1971 and 1975 and in 60 cases occurring between 1982 and 1983. Results in both groups of patients were nearly identical. Evidence indicates that gonococcal strains have not developed resistance to thiamphenicol during the ten years of(More)
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