Atefeh Salimi

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This paper presents the design of a class-AB power amplifier suitable for envelope modulator of polar power amplifiers. Polar modulation is one of the most popular RF power amplifier efficiency enhancement techniques. Class-AB power amplifier is a main building block of hybrid switching envelope modulator which is known as linear and efficient envelope(More)
In this paper, a novel digital predistortion assisted supply modulator is presented. The proposed modulator is suitable for envelope tracking power amplifiers. In this topology, a digitally controlled linear power amplifier is used to compensate the switching noise ripples of the switching modulator. The proposed structure is evaluated with a 0.18 mm CMOS(More)
polar modulation RF power amplifier is a good candidate to enhance the efficiency while maintaining the linearity for high PAPR signals. Among different architecture used for envelope modulator, hybrid switching envelope modulator is attracted the attention. Class AB power amplifier which is the main block of hybrid switching envelope modulator should have(More)
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