Atefeh Amindoust

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In these days, considering the growth of knowledge about sustainability in enterprise, the sustainable supplier selection would be the central component in the management of a sustainable supply chain. In this paper the sustainable supplier selection criteria and sub-criteria are determined and based on those criteria and sub-criteria a methodology is(More)
Today’s fashion clothing market is highly competitive and the textile and clothing industry is a significant area of the world’s economy. In addition, the sustainability issues have received a lot of attention in the textile supply chains. Since supplier evaluation and selection is a crucial decision in supply chain management, this paper proposes a(More)
The rigorous pressure for outsourcing and competitive marketing has exerted firms to rethink about supplier selection strategies. To date, an extensive range of criteria and methods have been proposed to solve supplier selection and order allocation problems. The supplier selection problem is often faced by ambiguity and vagueness in practice. Very often(More)
This chapter develops a sliding mode and fuzzy logic-based speed controller, which is named adaptive fuzzy sliding-mode controller (AFSMC) for an indirect fieldoriented control (IFOC) of an induction motor (IM) drive. Essentially, the boundary layer approach is the most popular method to reduce the chattering phenomena, which leads to trade-off between(More)
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