Atef E. Abou-El-azm

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Cognitive Radio (CR) technology is one of the strong candidate technologies to solve the spectrum scarcity problems. In this paper, we tackle the problem of secure data transmission between a secondary user transmitter and receiver through a relay in the presence of an eavesdropper in a cognitive radio network. The proposed scheme selects the best(More)
This article studies a vital issue in wireless communications, which is the transmission of audio signals over wireless networks. It presents a novel interleaver scheme for protection against error bursts and reduction the packet loss of the audio signals. The proposed technique in the article is the chaotic interleaver; it is based on chaotic Baker map. It(More)
Bluetooth is a wireless personal area network. This type of networks is widely used for image communication. This paper presents a study for the transmission of images over mobile Bluetooth networks. It presents a novel chaotic interleaving scheme for this purpose. In this scheme, the chaotic Baker map is used for bit interleaving and enhanced data rate(More)
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