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AIMS Atherosclerotic plaque development is accelerated in patients with diabetes. Bone marrow-derived smooth muscle-like cells have been detected in neointima and diabetes has a numerical and functional effect on circulating vascular progenitor cells. We hypothesized that an increased number of bone marrow-derived smooth muscle-like cells correlates with(More)
Due to increasingly large datasets, graph analytics - traversals, all-pairs shortest path computations, centrality measures, etc. - are becoming the focus of high-performance computing (HPC). Because HPC is currently dominated by many-core architectures (both CPUs and GPUs), new graph processing solutions have to be defined to efficiently use such computing(More)
The proposed framework for Multi-Agent Target Tracking supports i) tracking of objects and ii) search and rescue based on the fusion of very heterogeneous data. The system is based on a novel approach to fusing sensory observations, intelligence and context data (i.e. the data about the environmental conditions relevant for the tracked target). In contrast(More)
Many situations in the security domain require decision-making based on complex data, i.e., many variables which need to be taken into account before adequate decisions can be made. For example, in a surveillance scenario, the size and complexity of the area of interest, the mix of objects, and the unexpected behavior of suspects are just a few examples of(More)
A new glycosylated triterpene has been isolated from the fruit of Blighia welwitschii. The structural analysis of its peracetylated derivative (1) was performed by 2D homonuclear and heteronuclear NMR spectroscopy. The saponin was shown to contain hederagenin and five sugar residues forming two glycosyl chains. The complete structure of the saponin was(More)