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A 5-year-old mix breed domestic dog was referred to the University of Ankara, Veterinary Faculty Department of Internal Medicine, for evaluation of severe ulceration and destruction of the nasal planum. The dog had a, history of nasal planum lesions for 6 months duration. The referring veterinarian had treated the dog with various antibiotics and topical(More)
BACKGROUND Tumor necrosis factor-alpha is the key inflammatory cytokine in psoriasis vulgaris triggering abnormal differentiation and proliferation of keratinocytes. Etanercept as an antitumor necrosis factor-alpha agent is widely used for the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris. OBJECTIVES To find out whether etanercept has an apoptotic effect on psoriatic(More)
Schwannomas are well capsulated, benign, and slowly growing tumors which originate from Schwann cells of peripheral nerve sheath. The incidence of schwannomanas in the axillary region is not common. This rarity causes misdiagnosis at the radiological evaluation. In this case we present the imaging and histopathological findings of a cystic schwannoma(More)
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