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In this paper we describe and discuss an Application Level Active Network system. This system provides the beneets of proposed Active Networks, including rapid and transparent deployment of new network services. However our system is also relatively free of the problems of router-level Active Network deployment, such as concerns over safety and resource(More)
Many problems with today's Internet routing infrastructure--slow BGP convergence times exacerbated by timer-based route scanners, the difficulty of evaluating new protocols--are not architectural or protocol problems, but software problems. Router software designers have tackled scaling challenges above all, treating extensibility and latency concerns as(More)
This paper describes an implementation of the class based queueing (CBQ) mechanisms proposed by Sally Floyd and Van Jacobson 1] 2] to provide real time policies for packet forwarding. CBQ allows the traac ows sharing a data link to be guaranteed a share of the bandwidth when the link is congested, yet allows exible sharing of the unused bandwidth when the(More)