Atanas Lyutskanov

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Reliable tracking of objects is an inevitable prerequisite for automated video surveillance systems. As most object detection methods, which are based on machine learning, require adequate data for the application scenario, foreground segmentation is a popular method to find possible regions of interest. These usually require a specific learning phase and(More)
The reliable detection and tracking of objects, in particular humans, in video sequences is a requirement for video surveillance systems. This step enables automated threat detection systems to analyze trajectories and motion patterns. Thereby systems based on multiple overlapping fields of view have emerged in the last years. These are usually relying on(More)
Video surveillance systems have been introduced in various fields of our daily life to enhance security and protect individuals and sensitive infrastructure. Up to now it has been usually utilized as a forensic tool for after the fact investigations and are commonly monitored by human operators. In order to assist these and to be able to react in time, a(More)
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