Atanas Gueorguiev

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Recently the use of three-dimensional computer models has greatly increased, in part because of the availability of fast, inexpensive graphics hardware and technologies such as VRML-ready Internet browsers. These models are often of existing objects and are typically built by hand using CAD software, an error-prone and labor-intensive process. This thesis(More)
— We present a microrobotic system for protein crystal micromanipulation tasks. The focus in this paper is on the task known to crystallographers as streak seeding – it is used to entice certain protein crystals to grow. Our system features a set of custom designed micropositioner end-effectors we call mi-croshovels to replace traditional tools used by(More)
In this talk I will focus on the use of a mobile robot for autonomous exploration of an initially unknown environment. Here, by " exploration " I mean a task whose final or intermediate result is a model of this environment. I will consider the following aspects: • mobile robot sensors for environmental modeling • types of explored environments • types and(More)
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