Atakelty Hailu

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This paper presents an improved particle swarm optimizer (PSO) for solving multimodal optimization problems with problem-specific constraints and mixed variables. The standard PSO is extended by employing a comprehensive learning strategy, different particle updating approaches, and a feasibility-based rule method. The experiment results show the algorithm(More)
The management of recreational fishing requires resolving conflicting interests and is thus among the most controversial natural resource related issues. Decision making is difficult because of two main factors: first, there is lack of prediction tools that help managers and other stakeholders assess the potential impacts of management changes; second,(More)
Most, if not all, production technologies are stochastic. This article demonstrates how data envelopment analysis (DEA) methods can be adapted to accommodate stochastic elements in a state-contingent setting. Specifically, we show how observations on a random input, not under the control of the producer and not known at the time that variable input(More)
The management of recreational fishing is a controversial subject in most jurisdictions. On the one hand, recreational fishing provides substantial economic benefits. Fishing activities, on the other hand, can threaten valuable fish stocks and cause damage to marine environments. However, most management strategies undertaken so far tend to be ad hoc and(More)
This paper uses computational experiments where bidders learn over nonlinear bidding strategies to compare outcomes for alternative pricing format for multi-unit multiple-bid auctions. Multi-unit multiple-bid auctions, in which bidders are allowed to submit multiple price-quantity bids, are promising mechanisms for the allocation of a range of resources.(More)
This study reviewed 62 economic analyses published between 1995 and 2014 on the economic impacts of policies that incentivise agricultural greenhouse (GHG) mitigation. Typically, biophysical models are used to evaluate the changes in GHG mitigation that result from landholders changing their farm and land management practices. The estimated results of(More)
Multi-unit auctions are being employed by public agencies to allocate resources and to purchase services. These auctions resolve the lumpy bid problem inherent in single-unit auctions by allowing bidders to submit a supply or demand schedule. However, the choice of pricing formats for multi-unit auctions is controversial. Neither economic theory nor(More)
Managing recreational fishing is among the most difficult natural resource management problems. The complex nature of the impacts caused by management changes makes it difficult to identify the full range of ecological and socio-economic effects. It is difficult to distinguish approaches that are effective from those that are not. For example, the(More)
Most natural resource management issues are controversial. Typically social, economic, and a variety of environmental objectives need to be considered when identifying a preferred option from among alternative management strategies. The identification of best options is also technically challenging because of the lack of scientific tools to inform resource(More)