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Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are heavily used in industrial control systems, because of their high capacity of simultaneous input/output processing capabilities. Characteristically, PLC systems are used in mission critical systems, and PLC software needs to conform real-time constraints in order to work properly. Since PLC programming requires(More)
The primarily used technique in measuring cohesion in an object oriented software is analyzing the relations between methods and data members of the software classes. However, extraction of such relations is rather problematic since the usage of data members can vary heavily in program code. Object code analysis is a widely used technique to solve this(More)
Application placement is an important concept when providing software as a service in cloud environments. Because of the potential downtime cost of application migration, most of the time additional resource acquisition is preferred over migrating the applications residing in the virtual machines (VMs). This situation results in under-utilized resources. To(More)
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This paper is a broad introduction to the resource allocation problems in cloud systems including Inter-Clouds and Mobile Clouds as well as proposed solutions to these problems. Allocation of computing and network resources to cloud tasks requires innovative approaches in each case of cloud data centers, Inter-Clouds and geographically distributed clouds in(More)
Federated clouds and cloud brokering allow migration of virtual machines across clouds and even deployment of cooperating VMs in different cloud data centers. In order to fully benefit from these new opportunities, we propose a heuristic that outputs a matching between virtual machine and cloud data centers by taking resource capacities, VM topologies,(More)
When in addition to node contents and labels, relations (links) between nodes and some unlabeled nodes are available, collective classification algorithms can be used. Collective classification algorithms, like ICA (Iterative Classification Algorithm), determine labels for the unlabeled nodes based on the contents and/or labels of the neighboring nodes.(More)
This review paper analyzes significant studies in learning style and e-Learning fields in order to synthesize an answer to the question “Does considering learning styles improve e-Learning performance especially for K-12 mathematics education?”. Included studies can be categorized into the following topics: learning style models, learning style detection(More)
Edge data centers (EDCs) typically provide lower availability rates than Cloud counterparts since they lack expensive support systems such as air conditioning units and power generators. To avoid this limitation deteriorating response time which is critical for Edge applications, use of proactive optimization algorithms is essential. Such proactive(More)
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