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PURPOSE to evaluate the shrinkage, polymerization stress, elastic and bulk modulus resulting from composites formulated by siloranes, 2(nd) generation ormocers, and dimethacrylates. MATERIALS AND(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the influence of superstructure material and vertical misfits on the stresses created in an implant-supported partial prosthesis. A three-dimensional (3-D)(More)
Thio-urethane oligomers (TUs) have been shown to favorably modify methacrylate networks to reduce stress and significantly increase fracture toughness. Since those are very desirable features in(More)
This report presents a prosthetic technique for the improvement of surgically positioned, buccally placed zygomatic implants with the use of custom abutments for improved retention screw position and(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the influence of different metallic flask systems for acrylic resin denture processing on tooth displacement and framework misfit of mandibular fixed implant-supported complete(More)