Atílio Fontana

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Anal and vaginal intercourse are considered the most efficient sexual means of transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Doubt remains concerning the role of oral sex in transmitting the infection. However, a single subject may engage in many different sexual practices, and it may be quite difficult to document this latter type of transmission(More)
Psychoanalytic characterology posits that distinctive traits which are associated with conflicts in various impulse areas will be manifest in extreme degrees when the conflict is inadequately resolved. 48 Ss performed a hand-eye coordination task (action test) in an odorous dirty medium reminiscent of fecal matter. Poor performance of this task was taken as(More)
This article introduces a method for assessing health and safety management systems (MAHS) that has two innovative characteristics: (a) it brings together the three main auditing approaches to health and safety (HS) the structural approach (which assesses the system prescribed), the operational approach (which assesses what is really happening on the shop(More)
This paper studies the different types of imagery likely to occur during the sleep/wake cycle in experiment subjects under part sensory deprivation conditions, where they are administered a sound-stimulus- namely an electronically recorded heart-beat which acts as propioceptive inductor. Meanwhile, a polysmonographic register in recorded so that a(More)