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The two goals of this paper are (i) to establish that there are comparative correlatives that are not comparative conditionals and that the semantics of such correlatives crucially involves a relation (possibly the identity relation) between differentials (against much of the previous literature, e.g., McCawley 1988, Beck 1997) and (ii) to argue that a(More)
Three constructions of English are under scrutiny: in the first, the post-verbal noun (PVN) is a Cognate Object (CO, e.g. They all sighed a little sigh of relief); in the second, it is a Reaction Object (RO, e.g. She rattled out a painful laugh), whilst in the third it is a Measure Phrase (MP, e.g. This case weighs 20 kilos). COs, ROs, and MPs are analysed(More)
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