Asya Pereltsvaig

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The two goals of this paper are (i) to establish that there are comparative correlatives that are not comparative conditionals and that the semantics of such correlatives crucially involves a relation (possibly the identity relation) between differentials (against much of the previous literature, e.g., McCawley 1988, Beck 1997) and (ii) to argue that a(More)
and to the editors; our gratitude does not imply their agreement with our conclusions, for which we take full responsibility. 1 Goals 1.1 Theoretical concerns and general goals The theoretical concern of this paper is the integration of formal and lexical semantics, more specifically the traditions of (post-) Montague Grammar and the Moscow semantic school,(More)
0 Introduction As noted by Brown (1999), there is general agreement in the literature on Russian " genitive of negation " (GenNeg) that GenNeg occurs only when the NP in question is within the scope of sentential negation (NEG). The apparent optionality of GenNeg within the scope of negation is a point of difficulty, with authors divided about whether the(More)
Three constructions of English are under scrutiny: in the first, the post-verbal noun (PVN) is a Cognate Object (CO, e.g. They all sighed a little sigh of relief); in the second, it is a Reaction Object (RO, e.g. She rattled out a painful laugh), whilst in the third it is a Measure Phrase (MP, e.g. This case weighs 20 kilos). COs, ROs, and MPs are analysed(More)
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