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Sensor networks (SNs) placed on human bodies and in the environment can intelligently and unobtrusively support professional teams (for example health care professionals) to improve their work and on the other hand their subjects (for example patients and elderly at hospital or at home). In pervasive healthcare settings, protecting the privacy of the(More)
The website fingerprinting attack aims to infer the content of encrypted and anonymized connections by analyzing patterns from the communication such as packet sizes, their order, and direction. Although recent study has shown that no existing fingerprinting method scales in Tor when applied in realistic settings, this does not consider the case of Tor(More)
—This problem is a series of biddings and auctions. Each round of bidding and auction are different from previous ones because of the change of network topology, variance of budget set by the sender, and possible evolution of strategies of other nodes. The huge strategy space of relay nodes makes the formulation to a game very difficult. We present a brief(More)
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