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Flexible, wearable sensing devices can yield important information about the underlying physiology of a human subject for applications in real-time health and fitness monitoring. Despite significant progress in the fabrication of flexible biosensors that naturally comply with the epidermis, most designs measure only a small number of physical or(More)
The ability of cyclic square wave voltammetry to identify distinct fingerprints of multiple vitamins, in a single voltammetric run, is demonstrated. This method represents an efficient alternative to more common techniques for fast screening of complex vitamin mixtures or commercial tablets due to its low cost, high speed and sensitivity.
The energetics and models of COX-2 complexed with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) having different degrees of selectivity for two isoforms of COX (COX-2 and COX-1) have been studied using computer modelling approach. The models are obtained for complexes of NS398 (NS), a selective COX-2 inhibitor; indoprofen (Ind), a non-selective inhibitor;(More)
Detailed analysis based on histogram stretching for image contrast adjustment has been performed. However unprocessed image includes unwanted noise which needs to be reduced for performing the stretching accurately. The level of noise reduction greatly effects the contrast adjustment and varies from images to images depending on the intensity of noise(More)
The present work describes an attractive skin-worn microneedle sensing device for the minimally invasive electrochemical monitoring of subcutaneous alcohol. The device consists of an assembly of pyramidal microneedle structures integrated with Pt and Ag wires, each with a microcavity opening. The microneedle aperture was modified by electropolymerizing(More)
— Digital image processing is important in many areas. Noise removal in digital images is important in many fields .In this paper we propose an efficient method for the removal of random valued impulse noise. Here using a detection process and a filtering process. Detection process detects the noisy pixels by using the absolute difference and median filter(More)
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