Aswath Manoharan

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Several studies have estimated the prevalence of Schizophrenia. Widely varied rates have in part been due to methodological and diagnostic differences. This paper presents the epidemiological indices for Schizophrenia, estimated as a part of a large study of over 1,00,000 urban population for Functional Psychoses. The age corrected prevalence rate is(More)
Biological studies rely heavily on large collections of species observations. All of these collections cannot be compiled by biology professionals alone. Skilled amateurs can assist by contributing observations they make in the field. The challenge with such contributions is their potentially questionable quality. We present our PDA-based application(More)
We sketch our species identification tool for palm sized computers that helps knowledgeable observers with census activities. An algorithm turns an identification matrix into a minimal length series of questions that guide the operator towards identification. Historic observation data from the census geographic area helps minimize question volume. We(More)
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