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It is important that inflammatory arthropathies such as rheumatoid arthritis be diagnosed promptly so that treatment can be administered in a timely fashion. However, there is considerable evidence that this process of care is delayed in many people. The aim of the study is to assess wait times between primary care referral and rheumatology assessment for(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe care partnerships between family physicians and rheumatologists. METHODS A random sample (20%, n = 478) of family physicians was mailed a questionnaire, asking if there was at least 1 particular rheumatologist to whom the physician tended to refer patients. If the answer was affirmative, the physician would be considered as having a(More)
OBJECTIVE The overall cancer incidence risk in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is approximately 15%-20% more than in the general population. Nevertheless, to date, the optimal malignancy screening measures in SLE remain undefined. Our objective is to determine what investigations are needed to optimally monitor for malignancies in SLE in order to inform(More)
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