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Accurate and timely identification of anaerobic bacteria is critical to successful treatment. Classic phenotypic methods for identification require long turnaround times and can exhibit poor species level identification. Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) is an identification method that can provide(More)
Soft computing is progressively gaining presence in the financial world. The number of real and potential applications is very large and, accordingly, so is the presence of applied research papers in the literature. The aim of this paper is both to present relevant application areas, and to serve as an introduction to the subject. This paper provides(More)
Combinatorial auctions are a promising auction format for allocating radio spectrum, as well as other goods. An important handicap of combinatorial auctions is determining the winner bids among many options, that is, solving the winner determination problem (WDP). This paper tackles this computational problem using two approaches in a combinatorial(More)
Bankruptcy prediction has long time been an active research field in finance. One of the main approaches to this issue is dealing with it as a classification problem. Among the range of instruments available, we focus our attention on the Evolutionary Nearest Neighbor Classifier (ENPC). In this work we assess the performance of the ENPC comparing it to six(More)
This article introduces some relevant research works on computational intelligence applied to finance and economics. The objective is to offer an appropriate context and a starting point for those who are new to computational intelligence in finance and economics and to give an overview of the most recent works. A classification with five different main(More)
The clock-proxy auction is a combinatorial auction which is specially designed for environments where bidders have complex preference structures (complements and substitute items), as also occurs in the spectrum licenses market. In such an intricate context, it is difficult to find an optimal strategy. Nevertheless, if a particular environment is selected,(More)
The increasing use of auctions has led to a growing interest in the subject. A recent method used for carrying out examinations on auctions has been the design of computational simulations. The aim of this paper is to develop a genetic algorithm to find bidders' optimal strategies for a specific dynamic multi-unit auction, The algorithm provides the bidding(More)
-7Abstract — This work proposes a platform for estimating personality and happiness. Starting from Eysenck's theory about human's personality, authors seek to provide a platform for collecting text messages from social media (Whatsapp), and classifying them into different personality categories. Although there is not a clear link between personality(More)