Asuki Kouno

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This paper aims at building autonomous controllers for swarm robots, specifically aimed at enforcing a given shape formation, here a column formation. The proposed approach features two main characteristics. Firstly, a state-of-the-art evolutionary setting is used to achieve the on-board optimization of the controller, avoiding any simulator-based approach.(More)
In this paper we describe a Camshift implementation on mobile robotic system for tracking and pursuing a moving person with a monocular camera. Camshift algorithm uses color distribution information to track moving object. It is computationally efficient for working in real-time applications and robust to image noise. It can deal well with illumination(More)
In this paper we construct an office-use autonomous mobile robot which predicts the state (either stressed, relaxed, usual, or non-existent) of a person at different places and navigates between the places. The productivity of an office worker in advanced countries is a crucial concern and we believe autonomous mobile robots without network connection and(More)
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