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In this paper we describe a Camshift implementation on mobile robotic system for tracking and pursuing a moving person with a monocular camera. Camshift algorithm uses color distribution information to track moving object. It is computationally efficient for working in real-time applications and robust to image noise. It can deal well with illumination(More)
The coin-operated-locker baby is a type of child abuse that may be unique to Japan. The term refers to newborns who are placed, while alive or dead, in coin-operated lockers. This practice has been decreased by specific measures. It is likely that social and economic variables in Japan account for differences in the frequency and types of child abuse cases(More)
This paper aims at building autonomous controllers for swarm robots, specifically aimed at enforcing a given shape formation, here a column formation. The proposed approach features two main characteristics. Firstly, a state-of-the-art evolutionary setting is used to achieve the on-board optimization of the controller, avoiding any simulator-based approach.(More)
In this paper we construct an office-use autonomous mobile robot which predicts the state (either stressed, relaxed, usual, or non-existent) of a person at different places and navigates between the places. The productivity of an office worker in advanced countries is a crucial concern and we believe autonomous mobile robots without network connection and(More)
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