Asuka Sakurada

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Precision positioning technology with high speed on an X-Y plane which was a coplanar coupling type required a manufacturing inspection for semiconductor and flat display areas, and so on. However, a precise positioning technology with high-speed motion had not been established on the X-Y plane which was coplanar without rotation around a Z axis yet. The(More)
High precise positioning and force control are based on nanotechnology. Nanotechnology, especially nanometer positioning technology with high speed and robust force feedback control requires the utilization of a variety of technical fields including magnetic recording, biotechnology and the semiconductor industry. Until now there have been various actuator(More)
An efficient and versatile synthetic method for labile polyphenols was established using 2-nitrobenzenesulfonate (Ns) as a protecting group for phenol. This methodology provides regio- and stereoselective access to a range of methylated catechins, such as methylated epigallocatechin gallates, that are not readily available from natural sources. In addition,(More)
Nanotechnology is based on a combination of many technologies such as high precise positioning and force control, especially magnetic recording, biotechnology and semiconductor industry require the utilization of nanotechnology. To date, various actuator systems have been proposed, but their structural models show working distances of either less than a(More)
Precision positioning actuators with high speed motion are demanded in the field of manufacturing inspections for semiconductor and flat display areas, and so on. The authors called “Nano-Motion Actuator (NMA)” which consisted of a displacement-amplifying mechanism and a stacked piezoelectric element [1]. However, its first resonance frequency(More)
In this research, we examined an adaptive control method to suppress overshooting in a precise positioning device with a damper composed of a visco-elastic material and a constrained plate. A two-degrees-of-freedom control system was adopted with conditions, to shape the response characteristics of the desired response using feedforward controller.(More)
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