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Fructokinases (EC may play an important role in carbohydrate metabolism of Oryza sativa L. (rice) seedlings under anoxia. We present here the molecular and biochemical characterizations of two rice fructokinases, namely OsFK1 and OsFK2. The results show that, at both a transcriptional and a transductional level, OsFK1 is preferentially expressed(More)
Hexose kinases in rice embryos have been characterized. Six isoforms were detected: i.e. three glucokinases (GK1-3), two hexokinases (HK1 and HK2) and one fructokinase (FK1). Out of these, GK3, HK1 and HK2 were inhibited by mannoheptulose and glucosamine, known inhibitors of hexokinase activity. These inhibitors are also known to be modulators of sugar(More)
Novel vasoconstrictor peptides, endothelin-1 (ET-1) and endothelin-3 (ET-3), are also known as neuropeptides or neuromodulators. When either ET-1 or ET-3 was administered to the rat striatum via a microinjection needle, the dopamine release from the striatum dose-dependently increased. Pretreatment with a glutamate receptor blocker, glutamate diethyl ester(More)
UNLABELLED Aims/Introduction:  Oral ingestion of carbohydrate triggers secretion of glucagon-like peptide (GLP)-1, which inhibits the postprandial rise in blood glucose levels. However, the mechanism of carbohydrate-induced GLP-1 secretion from enteroendocrine L cells remains unclear. In the present study, GLP-1 secretion was examined by meal tolerance(More)
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