Asuka Hayakawa

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Leuconostoc mesenteroides strain NTM048 has been shown to have intestinal IgA-inducing ability. In this study, we investigated the immunostimulant potency of an exopolysaccharide secreted from strain NTM048 (NTM048 EPS) in vitro and in vivo in a murine model. NTM048 EPS ranges in size from 10 to 40 kDa and is speculated to be mainly composed of glucose and(More)
1. The pharmacokinetics of pirenzepine (Gastrozepin) was studied after single and multiple oral administration in gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer patients. 2. With a dose of 50 mg of pirenzepine, plasma levels reached a maximum 2 h after the administration in both groups (gastric ulcer patients: 57.2 +/- 31.8 ng/ml, duodenal ulcer patients: 48.0 +/- 18.0(More)
In bronchial asthma, eosinophils are upregulated and their survival is suggested to be prolonged by the action of some cytokines such as Interleukin (IL)-3, IL-5 and granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF). We find here that the survival of eosinophils in the peripheral blood of patients with asthma is correlated with the serum levels of(More)
Membrane cholesterol in Blastocystis hominis was detected by freeze-fracture methods using a polyene antibiotic, filipin. Since the intramembrane particles (IMP) were distributed heterogeneously on both plasma and vacuole membranes, many IMP-free areas were observed. Even in filipin-treated cells, filipin-cholesterol complexes were not detected in IMP-free(More)
We report a 46-year-old man with a giant tumour in a burn scar on his buttock. Pathological examination revealed that the dermis was filled with anastomosing vascular channels and round- or spindle-type atypical cells, which were compatible with the diagnosis of cutaneous angiosarcoma. Based on prominent leucocytosis (up to 113 000 microL-1), we measured(More)
The case of a 42-year-old woman with Sjögren's syndrome accompanied by severe gastric infiltration and interstitial nephritis is reported. Presentation was with finger stiffness, Raynaud's phenomenon and abdominal discomfort. There were endoscopic and radiological features of early cancer, type IIc (depressed type). Resected stomach showed atrophic(More)
A uterine cervical cancer is reported in a woman who developed Cushing's syndrome. The tumor measured 1.3 x 0.7 cm, and was a pure small cell carcinoma, identical to that in the lung. The primary tumor cells showed argyrophilia with Grimelius staining and reacted positively to the anti-chromogranin antibody. Clinically, the neoplasm behaved in an aggressive(More)