Astrid Steindorf

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Initiation of DNA replication must be restricted to occur only once per cell cycle. In most bacteria, DnaA protein binds replication origins and promotes the initiation of DNA replication. We have found that in Bacillus subtilis, DnaA only colocalizes with origin regions at early or late stages of the cell cycle, when the replication machinery is assembling(More)
Rhodovulum (Rhv.) sulfidophilum, unlike other nonsulfur purple bacteria, is able to synthesize the peripheral antenna complex even under fully aerobic conditions in the dark. We have obtained strong evidence that Rhv. sulfidophilum encodes only one copy of the puc operon, comprising pucB, pucA and pucC. pucB and pucA encode the beta- and alpha-polypeptides.(More)
Phototrophic continuous and batch cultures of Rhodobacter capsulatus were employed to identify the C/N ratio above which nitrogenase is de-repressed. The cultures were grown with limiting am ounts of am m onium as source of bound nitrogen and with L-lactate or lm alate as sources of carbon and reducing equivalents. De-repression of nitrogenase was determ(More)
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