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The coupling of photons and baryons by Thomson scattering in the early universe imprints features in both the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) and matter power spectra. The former have been used to constrain a host of cosmological parameters , the latter have the potential to strongly constrain the expansion history of the universe and dark energy. Key to(More)
We use a simplified version of the halo model with a power law power spectrum to study scale dependence in galaxy bias at the very large scales relevant to baryon oscillations. In addition to providing a useful pedagogical explanation of the scale dependence of galaxy bias, the model provides an analytic tool for studying how changes in the Halo Occupation(More)
(Wissenschaftlicher Beirat der Bundesregierung Globale Umweltveränderungen – WBGU) WBGU is an independent, scientific advisory body to the German Federal Government set up in 1992 in the run-up to the Rio Earth Summit. The Council has nine members, appointed for a term of four years by the federal cabinet. The Council is supported by an interministerial(More)
Measurements taken in the framework of the Ground-Based Measurements and Campaign Database Subgroup (GBMCD) of the Atmospheric Chemistry Validation Team (ACVT) are compared to selected preliminary results of scientific algorithms to determine atmospheric parameters from measurements of SCIAMACHY. Presented are comparisons with algorithms to determine NO 2(More)
In order to attract and retain excellent researchers and diverse individuals in astrophysics , we recommend action be taken in several key areas impacting young scientists: • Maintain balance between large collaborations and individual projects through distribution of funding; encourage public releases of observational and simulation data for use by a(More)
/RESUME Ground based Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) measurements have been performed at the Arctic Station of Ny-Ålesund, at the mid latitude site Bremen, as well as on board the German research vessel 'Polarstern'. Additionally, aerosol and ozone lidar measurements were conducted and ozonesondes have been launched at Ny-Ålesund. Here, we give an(More)