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The excision of a Ds-like transposable element (AcΔ) is mediated in trans by the transposable element Ac or its derivatives in Petunia protoplasts cotransfected with two plasmid DNAs. Excision restores the activity of the β-glucuronidase (GUS) gene that is otherwise shut off by the presence of AcΔ in its leader sequence. A transient expression assay(More)
The molecular events in cells undergoing programmed cell death (apoptosis) are well studied; however, the response of the surviving neighbor cells to local cell death is largely uncharacterized. Apolipoprotein J (clusterin) is an 80-kDa glycoprotein that has been implied in cytoprotection of the vital cells, presumably by assisting in the clearance of(More)
The small GTPase Rap1 controls the actin cytoskeleton by regulating Rho GTPase signaling. We recently established that the Rap1 effectors Radil and Rasip1, together with the Rho GTPase activating protein ArhGAP29, mediate Rap1-induced inhibition of Rho signaling in the processes of epithelial cell spreading and endothelial barrier function. Here, we show(More)
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