Astrid Kreissig

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This paper describes the concept, architecture, and implementation of the hardware configuration module within the support element of the IBM eServer z900. For the z900 project, this base system firmware component has been redesigned to obtain a software structure with a clear, simple, and scalable architecture that is suitable for future extensions to the(More)
Quantitative software design is a field of research that is not yet firmly established. A number of challenging open research issues are only recently being addressed by the academic research community (see below). The topic is also gaining increasing emphasis in industrial research, as any progress towards a more systematic and goal-driven software design(More)
About 5 years ago one group in IBM's high-end server system started a redesign of its hardware access layer. Flexibility for any kind of configuration and hardware was the main goal for the design, to allow for rapid bring up changes and changing hardware packaging. Object-oriented design was the obvious choice.About 2 years ago another group in IBM's(More)
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