Astrid Kreissig

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ion and information hiding, so that any component has knowledge of only the interfaces with other components and nothing more. A further design goal was the use of well-known design patterns such as observer, composite, and facade, in order to obtain an easily understandable architecture. According to the different abstraction levels of the hardware (i.e.,(More)
Between 20.10.09 and 23.10.09, the Dagstuhl Seminar 09432, Quantitative Software Design, was held at the International Conference and Research Center (IBFI), Schloss Dagstuhl. Quantitative software design is a field of research that is not yet firmly established. A number of challenging open research issues are only recently being addressed by the academic(More)
About 5 years ago one group in IBM's high-end server system started a redesign of its hardware access layer. Flexibility for any kind of configuration and hardware was the main goal for the design, to allow for rapid bring up changes and changing hardware packaging. Object-oriented design was the obvious choice.About 2 years ago another group in IBM's(More)
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