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A new method for the assessment of qualitative description of nonverbal behavior (automatic movie analysis) is introduced. This model-free method does not use any assumptions on the structure and organization of nonverbal behavior. Cross-cultural comparison (Germany, Japan) of unobtrusively filmed initial interactions between 2 opposite-sex strangers(More)
The significance of odours for human reproduction is partially neglected by medical sciences. Nevertheless, it can be shown that male pheromones (androstenol/androstenone) from male sweat have a direct impact on female menstrual cycles and ovulation. Furthermore, female pheromones (copulins), which are present in vaginal secretions, influence male(More)
Introduction The topic of devices that mimic human form and function is not a new one. However, recent advances in computer animation and robotics have lead to greater and greater realism to be obtained both on screen and in physical devices. A particular issue that has arisen in this pursuit is whether increases in realism necessarily lead to increases in(More)
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