Astrid Gruhl

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The aim of this study is the biomimetic optimisation of branched fibre-reinforced composites based on the detailed analysis of biological concept generators. The methods include analyses of the functional morphology and biomechanics of arborescent monocotyledons and columnar cacti as well as measurements and modelling of mechanical properties of biomimetic(More)
Z. Naturforsch. 54 b, 1524-1528 (1999); received July 21, 1999 Thioantimonates, Solvothermal Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Hydrogen Bonding, Polymerie Anions (CH3NH3)2Sb2S4 has been isolated from the reaction of antimony with sulfur in the presence of manganese in an ethanolic solution of methylamine under solvothermal conditions. Two pyramidal SbS? units(More)
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