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BACKGROUND Trypanosoma cruzi, the causative agent of Chagas disease, displays significant genetic variability revealed by six Discrete Typing Units (TcI-TcVI). In this pathology, oral transmission represents an emerging epidemiological scenario where different outbreaks associated to food/beverages consumption have been reported in Argentina, Bolivia,(More)
Scientific productivity of middle income countries correlates stronger with present and future wealth than indices reflecting its financial, social, economic or technological sophistication. We identify the contribution of the relative productivity of different scientific disciplines in predicting the future economic growth of a nation. Results show that(More)
BACKGROUND Chagas disease is an anthropozoonosis caused by Trypanosoma cruzi. Two drugs are currently used for the etiological treatment of the disease: Nifurtimox (Lampit) and Benznidazole. This study presents a quasi-experimental trial (non-control group) of sixty-two patients who were treated for Chagas disease with Nifurtimox (Lampit), and were then(More)
objective To determine the prevalence and risk factors associated with Chagas disease in pregnant women in an endemic area of Santander, Colombia. methods Cross-sectional study included 23 municipalities of Santander, Colombia. Serological IFAT and ELISA tests were undertaken to detect IgG anti-Trypanosoma cruzi. A questionnaire was conducted for assessing(More)
Comparación de una prueba de PCR basada en los genes codificantes para la histona H2A/SIRE con pruebas serológicas convencionales para el diagnóstico de la enfermedad de Chagas crónica en pacientes colombianos Introduction. Diagnosis of Chagas disease in its latent and chronic phase is difficult because of the low parasitemia levels. Therefore, serological(More)
RESUMEN IntroduccIón. La cisticercosis humana es una infección producida por la forma larval de la Taenia solium, que presenta múltiples manifestaciones clínicas de acuerdo a los órganos y tejidos que afecte, la neurocisticercosis (NC) es la forma más grave. En Colombia se desconoce la prevalencia de la cisticercosis en la población general. junto con otros(More)
Shame has clear biological roots and its precise form of expression affects social cohesion and cultural characteristics. Here we explore the relative importance between shame and guilt by using Google Translate to produce translation for the words shame, guilt, pain, embarrassment and fear to the 64 languages covered. We also explore the meanings of these(More)
(0,143) y los asintomáticos (2,401) o sintomáticos (2,776), entre los asintomáticos y sintomáticos (p=0,0408), entre los seronegativos con riesgo (0,232), individuos con enfermedades cardiacas (0,367) o con leishmaniasis (0,337) y los pacientes con enfermedad de Chagas (p<0,0001), y entre los controles sanos y los pacientes seronegativos con riesgo(More)
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