Astrid Enkelmann

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Tumour development and progression are strongly affected by interaction of tumour cells and tumour stroma. Different tumour models demonstrate a supportive effect of tumour-associated fibroblasts (TAF) on the tumour genesis. Aims of the present study are the isolation of TAF from primary urinary bladder tumour specimens and the proteomic and epigenetic(More)
To evaluate FISH analysis of washing urine from the upper urinary tract (UUT) in comparison with cytology (Cyt) for the detection of urothelial cancers. In 82 patients with symptoms or abnormalities of the UUT sampling of washing urine for FISH and Cyt and a stepwise diagnostic work-up (e.g. retrograde ureteropyelography, ureterorenoscopy and endoscopic(More)
The microenvironment of tumor cells is critically involved in tumor development and progression. Tumor-associated fibroblasts (TAFs) represent a major constituent of the tumor stroma. Tumor cells are operative in the activation of TAFs, whereas TAFs in turn contribute to tumor cell malignancy. This report describes mechanisms of communication between(More)
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