Astrid Elisabeth Jensen

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The present article reviews information from the latest 10 years concerning fate and exposure of cadmium in the environment, on ecotoxicological effects, and on critical pathways leading to human and environmental exposure. It emphasizes the situation within the Community of European Countries by referring to limit values used in the EEC and some of its(More)
A fixed 16 km link (immersed tunnel, artificial island and peninsula, bridges) to connect the Scandinavian countries of Denmark and Sweden is being constructed during the period 1995-2000. The link crosses Oresund, one of the three sounds connecting the brackish Baltic Sea to the oceanic North Sea. Dredging of approximately 8 x 10(6) m3 of limestone bedrock(More)
From the pK(a) values of the conjugate acids of a large series of hydroxylated piperidines and hexahydropyridazines, a consistent difference in basicity was found between stereoisomers having an axial or equatorial hydroxyl (OH) group either beta or gamma to the amine. Compounds with an equatorial OH group in the 3-position were 0.8 pH units more acidic(More)
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