Astrid Dickinger

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Mobile marketing offers direct communication with consumers, anytime and anyplace. This paper reviews mobile marketing and then investigates the most successful form of mobile communication, short message services (SMS), via a quantitative content analysis of the Fortune Global 500 Web sites and qualitative interviews with European experts. The content(More)
Mobile marketing, also known as wireless marketing, promises vast opportunities. Still in an experimental phase, businesses have little experience using this new marketing tool. Mobile services offer companies powerful marketing potential via direct communication with consumers, anytime and anywhere, but little research on this subject exists. This paper(More)
The Push to Talk (PTT) technology has been available for several years. Recently, new specifications and technical innovations based on Internet Protocols utilizing standard cellular packet data bearers have been introduced. This new approach makes Push to Talk a standard service on any cellular network which is called Push over Cellular (PoC). This paper(More)
travelers’ use of the Internet as an information source has been the subject of research in the past. Most studies focus on the search process; however, the influence of the actual search goal on search behavior has been neglected. travelers’ interactions with a website may depend on whether they search for precise factual information or rather stimulus(More)
Destination image significantly influences a tourist’s decision-making process. The impact of news media coverage on destination image has attracted research attention and became particularly evident after catastrophic events such as the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake that triggered a series of lethal tsunamis. Building upon previous research, this article(More)