Astrid Beigel

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Community mental health centers are subject to a number of pressures that will affect the way centers operate in the years ahead. These influences include a reduction in federal appropriations, the use of block grants to the states, the administration's efforts at deregulation, and the continuing impact of deinstitutionalization. Because of these pressures,(More)
The structure and content of general psychiatric residency education must be redesigned to ensure the continued relevance of the profession of psychiatry as managed care and cost containment become more influential in the health care delivery system. The general psychiatrist in this new health care environment must be prepared to participate in a(More)
Forty psychiatrists in Arizona were asked to rate the dangerousness to self or others of 16 patients described in case histories and to recommend an appropriate course of action. Half the psychiatrists were given the state defining dangerousness to use in responding. Psychiatrists who used the statute summary were less consistent in their predictions of(More)
Although there has been much discussion of the current professional conflicts between psychiatrists and psychologist, few studies have attempted to empirically evaluate how the professions view their roles and responsibilities within the mental health system. In this study a questionnaire was sent to psychiatrists, psychologist, social workers, and nurses(More)
Immediately following the August, 1965 Los Angeles (Watts) race rioting, semistructured, interviews were obtained with 107 Negro, 23 Mexican-American and 52 white preschool children. Response data were used to assess the children's awareness of riot events, their fears or other affective reactions and their attitudes toward the riot participants. Over 70%(More)