Astrid Beckmann

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During wound healing, new capillaries grow into the wound site. An angiogenesis factor isolated from wound fluid stimulates the movement of capillary endothelial cells in a filter migration assay. Experiments were carried out to determine whether the movement seen in the assay was chemokinetic or chemotactic. Capillary endothelial cells were plated onto a(More)
This article reports research that is concerned with pre-service teachers working collaboratively in a problem-solving context without teacher involvement. The aim is to focus on the students’ heuristic strategies employed in the solution process while working on two problems in geometry. Two episodes from the dialogues in one group of students with limited(More)
  • Bharath Sriraman, Claus Michelsen, +4 authors Vladimír
  • 2007
This paper presents the German-Danish research project IFUN Interest and<lb>Interdisciplinary Instruction in Science and Mathematics. The aim of the project is to<lb>investigate on how upper secondary students’ interest in the subjects of mathematics, physics,<lb>chemistry and biology might be improved by increased instructional interplay and<lb>integration(More)
This paper raises an ethical question: should aspects of a mathematician’s personality, political beliefs, physical handicaps, and the ironies surrounding their life be mentioned parenthetically or otherwise in our lessons? What about the political and social norms of the times in the countries in which they lived? There are no hard and fast guidelines on(More)
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