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In this paper C-, and Ku-band, dual frequency, multi-polarization, combined, short-pulse scatterometer-radiometer system is described, for short (from low altitude platform), middle (from vessel) and(More)
In this paper the results of simultaneous and spatially coincident, multi-frequency, polarimetric, spatio-temporally collocated measurements of bare, dry vegetated and ash covered soils microwave(More)
A complex of polarimetric (dual polarization), spatio- temporally combined active-passive devices of S (~3GHz), C (~5.6GHz), Ku (~0GHz), and Ka (~37GHz) band of frequencies is represented, for bare(More)
An experimental polygon is represented, equipped by a complex of polarimetric (dual polarization), combined, short pulse scatterometer-radiometer systems of L-, C-, and X-band of frequencies, for(More)