Astghik A Shahkhatuni

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Tri- n-decylmethylphosphonium chloride and bromide ( 1P10X) salts are not liquid crystalline. However, mesophases are induced by adding very small amounts of an alcohol or water. The temperature ranges of the induced smectic A 2 (SmA 2) liquid-crystalline phases can be very broad and the onset temperatures can be below room temperature depending upon the(More)
Electric field (EF) induced changes of one-bond indirect spin-spin coupling constants are investigated on a wide range of molecules including peptide models. EFs were both externally applied and internally calculated without external EF application by the hybrid density functional theory method. Reliable agreement with experimental data has been obtained(More)
Alignment media used for measuring residual dipolar couplings, such as solutions of filamentous phages, phospholipid mixtures, polyacrylamide gels and various lyotropic liquid crystalline systems were investigated with respect to solvent effects on molecular structure. Structural parameters of the small rigid model compound 13C-acetonitrile were calculated(More)
To estimate the torsion sensitivity of dipolar coupling, biphenylic molecules were chosen as probes due to their relatively simple structure and the surprisingly high ambiguity of the only flexible parameter-the interring torsion angle. Solution structures of 4,4'-dibromobiphenyl and 4,4'-diiodobiphenyl are reported for the first time in two liquid crystals(More)
The ordering parameters of selected solutes from NMR spectroscopic measurements have been assessed in the thermotropic and amphotropic smectic liquid-crystalline phases of a wide structural range of phosphonium salts with three equivalent long n-alkyl chains, one shorter chain, and various anions. The nature of the added liquids that convert the salts to(More)
The role of biological membranes as a target in biological radiation damage remains unclear. In the present article, we show that the structural, biochemical and biophysical changes of a simple biological membrane, i.e. human erythrocyte membranes, which is altered after exposure, could be studied by membrane mimetics and conventional NMR spectrometers.
Dielectric permittivity (epsilon) and temperature effects on indirect spin-spin coupling constants were studied using acetonitrile as a probe molecule. Experiments were accompanied by hybrid DFT (density functional theory) studies, where the solvent was modeled using the polarization continuum model. Owing to its numerous types of J-couplings, acetonitrile(More)
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