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Appropriate surgical repair of ruptured Achilles tendon will decrease the complications commonly associated with conservative therapy, this is particularly true with respect to rerupture. A literature review of complete ruptures of the Achilles tendon and a new modification of the Lindholm surgical procedure is presented.
Ganglions, often referred to as ganglionic cysts or synovial cysts, are benign, fluid-filled, cystic swellings. Ganglions are often isolated in the wrist and hand, although they are not uncommon to the foot. Surprisingly, with a high rate of occurrence there has been little discussion in the literature. The authors briefly review ganglionic cysts and(More)
Article history: Available online xxxx Keywords: Media and information ecology First year engineering students Facebook Twitter Social networking Survey study a b s t r a c t Media significantly shape how and what we learn. To date there is limited understanding of digital media and information use by engineering students. We comprehensively review existing(More)
There are few references in the literature to an isolated lateral tarsometatarsal joint arthrodesis. Most references include it as a component of a Lisfranc's joint arthrodesis, which usually involves arthrodesis of at least the intermediate tarsometatarsal joint. A case report involving the treatment of an isolated lateral tarsometatarsal joint arthrosis(More)
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