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Mediation systems constitute an architectural solution for transparent access to distributed heterogeneous sources. However, their implementation poses several problems, especially the generation of semantic links (mediation queries) between the mediation schema and its related data sources, the adaptation of the computed data with respect to user's needs(More)
Nowadays, mediation systems are well-known and there exists a great number of implementations. However, their implementation poses several problems, specially, the query generation according to source contents and user's needs. Furthermore, the problem is particularly important when there is a high number of heterogeneous sources. We propose a tool to(More)
Many web resources require an accurate representation of family relationships. However, available ontologies describing this kind of relationships provide only simple and rudimentary representations. In addition, the transition from one culture/language to another cannot be solved with simple translation solutions, specifically when concepts do not(More)
In this work, given the context of the driver, of the vehicle and of the environment, our objective is to correctly recognize the traffic situation and provide the driver with the corresponding assistance by providing notification or alert about the situation or the infraction that was committed, or acting directly on the vehicle. To do so, we need to(More)
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