Assia Hamouda

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Elastic liners are used for in situ repair and retrofitting of pipes as a cost effective alternative to the replacement of damaged parts and sections. In this paper, we studied the role of an elastic liner on the buckling behavior of a cracked cylindrical shell using finite element method. A special meshing scheme that could mimic the stress singularity at(More)
Anisotropic hierarchical honeycombs of uniform wall-thickness are constructed by repeatedly replacing each three-edge vertex of a base hexagonal network with a similar but smaller hexagon of the same orientation, and stretching the resulting structure in horizontal or vertical directions to break the isotropy. The uniform overall thickness is then adjusted(More)
This paper proposes a new, improved method for water flow metering. It applies to a transit time ultrasonic flow meter device. In principle, the flow of a given liquid in a pipe is obtained by measuring the transit times of an ultrasonic wave in the upstream and downstream directions. The difference between these times is, in theory, linearly proportional(More)
Small and large deformation in-plane elastic response of a new class of hierarchical fractal-like honeycombs inspired by the topology of the ''spiderweb'' were investigated through analytical modeling, detailed numerical simulations, and mechanical testing. Small deformation elasticity results show that the isotropic in-plane elastic moduli (Young's modulus(More)
A study on the bending response of a composite curved panel with pyramidal metallic truss cores suitable for functional applications is presented using a combination of analytical modeling, three-point bending experiments and finite element (FE) based simulations. The aluminum pyramidal cores were constructed using an interlocking method before curing with(More)
Turbo generator shafts are often subjected to cyclic torsion resulting in formation of large longitudinal cracks as well as circumferential cracks. The presence of these cracks could greatly impact the shaft resonance frequencies. In this paper, dynamic response of a shaft with longitudinal and circumferential cracks is investigated through a comprehensive(More)
Keywords: Regular hexagonal honeycomb Functionally graded honeycomb Material strain hardening Energy absorption Impact resistance a b s t r a c t This paper highlights the effects of cell wall material strain hardening and density functional gradation (FG) on in-plane constant-velocity dynamic crushing response and impact behavior of hexagonal honeycombs.(More)
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