Assia Ben Shil

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Timestamping [1] is a cryptographic technique for adding a reliable date to a document in order to prove its existence at a given time. Several solutions of timestamping exist. They are all based on cryptographic techniques as digital signatures and hash functions. However, with the increase of computing power and the evolution of cryptanalysis methods,(More)
Digital timestamping is a cryptographic technique allowing affixing a reliable date to a digital document. The security of most existing timestamping systems is based on the security of the used cryptographic techniques as hash functions. However, a hash function has a limited lifetime. In this context, we provide a non-interactive timestamping scheme in(More)
A Publicly Verifiable Secret Sharing (PVSS) scheme allows anyone to verify the validity of the shares computed and distributed by a dealer. The idea of PVSS was introduced by Stadler in [18] where he presented a PVSS scheme based on Discrete Logarithm. Later, several PVSS schemes were proposed. In [2], Behnad and Eghlidos present an interesting PVSS scheme(More)
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