Assen Alexiev

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AIM To explore the feasibility of local interleukin 2 (IL-2) in patients with different forms of abdominal cancer. This required experimentation with the time interval between IL-2 applications and the methods of application. METHODS Sixteen patients with stages III and IV of gastrointestinal malignancies (primary or metastatic) who were admitted to our(More)
  • A R Alexiev
  • 1994
A method of evaluation of the isometric trunk extension effort and integrated electromyographic activity of the low back muscles during straight position under goniometric control was used. In order to evaluate the paravertebral muscle activity, two pairs of bipolar surface EMG electrodes have been attached bilaterally over the erector spinae muscles at a(More)
A total of 71 lactating and nonlactating buffalo-cows of the Murrah breed and F(1)-F(3) crossbreds of Murrah x Bulgarian buffalo were used for a year as donors of embryos after a preliminary treatment for superovulation induction with pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin (PMSG) or follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) in combination with prostaglandin F-2 alpha(More)
A case of an inoperable hepatocellular carcinoma due to liver cirrhosis is presented. Surgical treatment was not clinically warranted. So we decided to induce tumor necrosis by intratumoral injections of 10 mL of ethanol followed by two treatments with 9 x 10(6) U Chiron interleukin-2 with an interval of 1 month. This ethanol-interleukin-2 cycle was(More)
Forty-one Day 5.0 to Day 5.5 embryos and one unfertilized ovum were recovered nonsurgically from 24 superovulated, parous buffalo (Bubalus bubalis ) and transferred nonsurgically to 28 synchronized recipients by a team of Bulgarian and American scientists. Five pregnancies were established and four live buffalo calves were born at the end of normal(More)
SUMMARY It is well known that NAFLD, as well as diabetes mellitus (DM), correlated with the progression of liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C (CHC). The impact of NAFLD overlap in chronic hepatitis B (CHB) is not well established. Aim. In this study we compared the prevalence of NAFLD and related metabolic parameters in CHC and CHB, and their(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Roxadustat is a hypoxia-inducible factor prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor in phase III development for the treatment of anaemia associated with chronic kidney disease. This study evaluated the effects of moderate hepatic impairment on roxadustat pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and tolerability. METHODS This was an open-label study(More)
Clinical--electroencephalographic (EEG) investigation was performed in 12 families. In the study were included 12 epileptics with partial seizures in whom the katamnestic follow up from 2 to 6 years provided clinical, EEG and genetic data for the so called primary partial epilepsy 24 parents and 14 siblings. In four of the Children with epilepsy the(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS It is very important for physicians to evaluate the severity of the biliary infection. At the moment, there is no useful quantitative system. In this study, we propose a scoring system for assessing the severity of biliary infections and evaluation of the efficacy of antibacterial and endoscopic treatments. MATERIALS AND METHODS We created(More)
The study aimed to differentiate the factors triggering porphyria cutanea tarda, paying special attention to the presumed role of hepatitis C virus infection. In a representative Bulgarian contingent, HCV-antibodies were identified using ELISA II and immunoblot. Seropositivity was significantly higher (p < 0.01) in the sporadic form (36 out of 57 patients;(More)
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