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Monitoring data streams in a distributed system is the focus of much research in recent years. Most of the proposed schemes, however, deal with monitoring simple aggregated values, such as the frequency of appearance of items in the streams. More involved challenges, such as the important task of feature selection (e.g., by monitoring the information gain(More)
Cloud providers possessing large quantities of spare capacity must either incentivize clients to purchase it or suffer losses. Amazon is the first cloud provider to address this challenge, by allowing clients to bid on spare capacity and by granting resources to bidders while their bids exceed a periodically changing spot price. Amazon publicizes the spot(More)
Data race detection is highly essential for debugging multithreaded programs and assuring their correctness. Nevertheless, there is no single universal technique capable of handling the task efficiently, since the data race detection problem is computationally hard in the general case. Thus, to approximate the possible races in a program, all currently(More)
Direct device assignment enhances the performance of guest virtual machines by allowing them to communicate with I/O devices without host involvement. But even with device assignment, guests are still unable to approach bare-metal performance, because the host intercepts all interrupts, including those interrupts generated by assigned devices to signal to(More)
Multilevel caching, common in many storage configurations , introduces new challenges to traditional cache management: data must be kept in the appropriate cache and replication avoided across the various cache levels. Some existing solutions focus on avoiding replication across the levels of the hierarchy, working well without information about temporal(More)
In this paper we present extended definitions of k-anonymity and use them to prove that a given data mining model does not violate the k-anonymity of the individuals represented in the learning examples. Our extension provides a tool that measures the amount of anonymity retained during data mining. We show that our model can be applied to various data(More)
Printing remark: Printing takes a lot of time, sorry for the inconvenience. Abstract This paper presents a scalable method for parallel symbolic reachability analysis on a distributed-memory environment of workstations. Our method makes use of an adaptive partitioning algorithm which achieves high reduction of space requirements. The memory balance is(More)