Assaf Israel

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Maintaining high availability of IaaS services at a reasonable cost is a challenging task that received recent attention due to the growing popularity of Cloud computing as a preferred means of affordable IT outsourcing. In large data-centers faults are prone to happen and thus the only reasonable cost-effective method of providing high availability of(More)
Data enters are at the core of a wide variety of daily ICT utilities, ranging from scientific computing to online gaming. Due to the scale of today's data enters, the failure of computing resources is a common occurrence that may disrupt the availability of ICT services, leading to revenue loss. Although many high availability (HA) techniques have been(More)
Optimal resource allocation is a key ingredient in the ability of cloud providers to offer agile data centers and cloud computing services at a competitive cost. In this paper we study the problem of placing images and virtual machine instances on physical containers in a way that maximizes the affinity between the images and virtual machine instances(More)
Evaluating interface usability and system functionality is time-consuming and effort-intense. The short time-span involved in development iterations, such as those in agile development, makes it challenging for software teams to perform ongoing interface usability evaluation and system functionality testing. We propose a way to perform <i>product ongoing(More)
Production of emphatic consonants by a speaker of Lebanese Arabic was examined using real-time magnetic resonance imaging (rtMRI). Emphatic consonants were found to be articulated with a lowered, more retracted tongue body than their nonempatic counterparts, with the narrowest emphatic constriction observed in the upper pharynx. Both progressive and(More)
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