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Cloud computing is emerging as a new computing paradigm in the healthcare sector besides other business domains. Large numbers of health organizations have started shifting the electronic health information to the cloud environment. Introducing the cloud services in the health sector not only facilitates the exchange of electronic medical records among the(More)
Data centers are growing exponentially (in number and size) to accommodate the escalating user and application demands. Likewise, the concerns about the environmental impacts, energy needs, and electricity cost of data centers are also growing. Network infrastructure being the communication backbone of the data center plays a pivotal role in the data(More)
The demand for ubiquitous information processing over the Web has called for the development of context-aware recommender systems capable of dealing with the problems of information overload and information filtering. Contemporary recommender systems harness context-awareness with the personalization to offer the most accurate recommendations about(More)
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The recent concept of ‘‘Health Insurance Marketplace’’ introduced to facilitate the purchase of health insurance by comparing different insurance plans in terms of price, coverage benefits, and quality designates a key role to the health insurance providers. Currently, the web based tools available to search for health insurance plans are deficient in(More)
The ever increasing growth in health related data has necessitated the development of pervasive tools and technologies to manage the huge data volumes. Likewise, the conventional healthcare services are transforming into patient-centric services to offer ubiquitous access to the health related information. However, there is a need to extend the capabilities(More)
Cloud based solutions have permeated in the healthcare domain due to a broad range of benefits offered by the cloud computing. Besides the financial advantages to the healthcare organizations, cloud computing also offers large-scale and on-demand storage and processing services to various entities of the cloud based health ecosystem. However, outsourcing(More)
Normal airway is one of the important factors for the normal growth of the craniofacial structures. Skeletal features such as retrusion of the maxilla and mandible and vertical maxillary excess in hyperdivergent patients may lead to narrower anteroposterior dimensions of the airway. The purpose of this study was to compare the widths of the upper and lower(More)
Research on big data analytics is entering in the new phase called fast data where multiple gigabytes of data arrive in the big data systems every second. Modern big data systems collect inherently complex data streams due to the volume, velocity, value, variety, variability, and veracity in the acquired data and consequently give rise to the 6Vs of big(More)