Asru Kumar Sinha

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Incubation of platelet-rich plasma with 80 microM aspirin that resulted in the inhibition of both the secondary phase of ADP induced platelet aggregation and prostaglandin synthesis simultaneously stimulated the production of NO in platelets. Furthermore it was found that the treatment of platelet-rich plasma either with 80 microM ibuprofen or salicylic(More)
Administration of physiologic amounts of insulin in mice (200 microunits/g body weight) resulted in 9 fold increase of basal nitric oxide level from 0.51+/-0.1224 nmol/ml (mean+/-SD, n=12) to 4.45+/-0.645 nmol/ml after 30min of the injection of the hormone. Since NO is a potent inhibitor of platelet aggregation both in vitro and in vivo, we tested the(More)
Incubation of various tissues, including heart, liver, kidney, muscle, and intestine from mice and erythrocytes or their membrane fractions from humans, with physiologic concentration of insulin resulted in the activation of a membrane-bound nitric oxide synthase (NOS). Activation of NOS and synthesis of NO were stimulated by the binding of insulin to(More)
Activation of platelet adenylate cyclase by prostaglandin E1 or prostacyclin is initiated through the interaction of the agonists with the same receptors on membrane. Prostaglandin E1/prostacyclin receptors of human platelets were solubilized in buffer, containing 0.05% Triton X-100 and protease inhibitors. The soluble membrane protein was chromatographed(More)
The specific binding sites of 125I-insulin in platelets from nondiabetic patients with acute myocardial infarction and unstable angina pectoris was significantly decreased (192 +/- 84/cell) during the acute ischemic condition when compared with normal platelets (496 +/- 76/cell; p < 0.001, n = 9). A relatively low mean plasma insulin level (20 microU/mL)(More)
Under a multi-centre study conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research, 1,511 samples of parboiled rice were collected from rural and urban areas of 11 states representing different geographical regions of India. These samples were analysed for contamination with aflatoxin B(1.) The presence of aflatoxin B(1) at levels=5 microg g(-1) was found in(More)
Abstract Purpose. The plasma level of nitric oxide (NO), that has been reported to possess various antineoplastic properties, was found to be diminished due to the impairment of insulin-activated nitric oxide synthase (IANOS) as a result of the appearance of a novel antibody (free light chain of IgG, Mr 44 kD) against the enzyme in the circulation in(More)
Spasm and thrombosis of the coronary microcirculation has been implicated in the pathogenesis of the cardiomyopathy of Chagas' disease. We demonstrate that increases in platelet adherence and aggregation accompany Trypanosoma cruzi infection and may contribute to the observed microvascular pathology. Scanning electron microscopy and radiolabeled platelets(More)
Treatment of normal platelet-rich plasma with a physiological amount of insulin (100 microunits/ml, optimum concentration) for 3 hours at 23 degrees C stimulated the binding of prostaglandin E1 by more than twofold (3,940 +/- 250 sites/10(8) platelets) compared with the nontreated, control platelet-rich plasma (1,590 +/- 265 sites/10(8) platelets). After(More)